Schöne neue Welt

Brave New World
Based on the novel by Aldous Huxley
Performed in German
Su, 06.03.2022
PremiereKleines Haus18:00
The world in the year 2540: people lead a (seemingly) perfect life, far away from worries and existential fears. But the price is high: individual freedom and self-determination do not exist in this world. The government manages to wean society of critical thinking by means of a strict control system and the constant supply of the happiness-producing drug Soma. Aldous Huxley's world bestseller of 1932 describes a frighteningly timeless dystopia.


Director / Stage Designer Malte Kreutzfeldt
Costume Designer Christine Hielscher
Choreographer Gabriel Galindez Cruz
Dramaturgy Marie Johannsen


PremiereKleines Haus18:00
Kleines Haus19:30 - 22:00