Der Fall Medea

Based on the tragedy by Euripides
Performed in German
Fr, 02.12.2022
Mother, wife, daughter of a king, sorceress, murderess...betrayed and homeless: hardly any other female figure of ancient times is more sinister and fascinating than Medea. Unwilling to surrender to fate, she would stop at nothing to take revenge on her tormentors, even if this meant killing her own children.

But is there really a pain so great that it justifies the murder of one's own children? Is it all just an ancient myth? Critical criminology refutes this claim. There are other cases too, for example that of Helga, who suffered such pain over the years, she ultimately killed herself and her children. Before committing the crime, she penned a suicide note.

The young director Sophia Aurich combines the ancient myth of Medea with a true crime to create a thrilling and compelling psychological case study.