Matthias Vaucher
Photo: De-Da Productions

»Extension« is a double evening with works by Australian and French choreographers Marc Brew and Martin Harriague. The evening draws its inspiration from the current social situation and changing norms around the world. Brew, who is artistic director of AXIS Dance Company, develops productions whose inclusive references raise dance to a new level. The works of the Frenchman Martin Harriague, currently resident artist at the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, are often politically evocative, yet presented in a witty guise.



Concept & Direction Marc Brew
Choreography Marc Brew in Zusammenarbeit mit den Tänzerinnen und Tänzern
Music Angus MacRae
Stage & Costume Design Emma Kingsbury
Video Projection Eduardo Mayorga
Lighting Design Andrea Leib
Ballet Mistress Jaione Zabala
Dramaturgy Lucas Herrmann

Of Prophets and Puppets

Choreography, Design, Sound Editing & Lighting Martin Harriague
Assistant Choreographer Arianna Di Francesco
Costume Design Mieke Kockelkock, Martin Harriague
Puppet Design Annie Onchalo
Puppet Choreography Consultant Cali Kobel
Ballet Master Uwe Fischer
Dramaturgy Lucas Herrmann