Opera | 13+


Jacques Offenbach (1819 –1880)
Opéra-comique in three acts
Sung in German, with surtitles.
Libretto by Paul de Musset and Charles Nuitter,
based on Alfred de Musset's comedy by the same name
German translation by Carsten Golbeck, adapted by Anna Weber and Hanna Kneißler
Premiere: 1872 in Paris
Su, 23.03.2025
Grosses Haus18:00
Fantasio's name says it all: with a good dose of wacky, creative energy, the student navigates her way through every precarious situation. In the end, she has to save the singer Theres from a ill-fate marriage deal and expose the dirty tricks of a private investor. Director Anna Weber transforms Offenbach's operetta into an ode to theatre, set between street riots, demolition parties and a sparkling fantasy word.


Conductor Chin-Chao Lin
Director Anna Weber
Stage Design Sina Manthey
Costume Design Laura Kirst
Chorus Master Albert Horne
Dramaturgy Hanna Kneißler
Fantasio Fleuranne Brockway
Theres Galina Benevich
Prince Jack Lee
Marinoni Sascha Zarrabi
King of the Theatre Jonathan Macker
Flamel Inna Fedorii
Rutten Michael Birnbaum
Spark James Young
Facio Joshua Sanders
Hartmann Wooseok Shim