Andreas Schager | Austria
Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden | Germany

Faszination Wagner

Fascination Wagner
With music from "Lohengrin", "Tristan und Isolde", "Die Walküre",
"Siegfried" & "Götterdämmerung"

Trailer "Fascination Wagner"
Faszination Wagner
Photo: Selcuk Cara
Faszination Wagner
Photo: Selcuk Cara
Faszination Wagner
Photo: Selcuk Cara
Lidia Baich
Photo: Agentur
Andreas Schager
Photo: David Jerusalem

"Imagine you are dying, and in your last moments, all the images that made up your life flash before you, even the moments which might explain why you are dying now - or rather, why you have to die now. This moment is Siegfried's death." (Selcuk Cara)

The "Ring" saga takes on a new dimension through world star Andreas Schager, violinist Lidia Baich and the spectacular cinematic realisation of international award-winning author-filmmaker and opera director Selcuk Cara. The combination of Wagner's music and the powerful expansive imagery turns this evening into an unforgettable experience.

The Hessian State Orchestra performs excerpts of Wagner's great operas and is conducted by Guillermo García Calvo.

The world premiere of Fascination Wagner took place at the National Theatre Prague with the State Opera Orchestra on 25/26 October 2018.


Conductor Guillermo García Calvo
Concept, Film & Direction Selcuk Cara
Tenor Andreas Schager
Violin Lidia Baich
Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden