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Gender Stories

Music & Arias by George Frideric Handel, Johann Adolph Hasse, Nicola Porpora, Antonio Vivaldi etc..

Teaser: Gender Stories
Photo: Marcus Lieberenz
Vivica Genaux
Photo: Marcus Lieberenz
Lawrence Zazzo
Photo: Marcus Lieberenz

Leading Berlin-based early music ensemble, the Lautten Compagney, joins forces with formidable countertenor Lawrence Zazzo and mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux to journey into the often-confusing world of gender identity. Together, they turn all masculine clich├ęs and preconceived notions of 18th century opera and its legendary castrati on their heads. "Gender Stories" is an instrumental and vocal feast for all the senses!

"A blast!" (MDR Kultur)


Conuctor Wolfgang Katschner
Mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux
Countertenor Lawrence Zazzo
lautten compagney Berlin