Sa, 27.05.2023
Premiere | International May FestivalKleines Haus19:30 - 20:30
»Of Prophets and Puppets«
Photo: De-Da Productions

Now is the time, this very moment, just NOW. We need different perspectives. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but NOW. Whether far away or on our own doorstep, nationally, internationally, just NOW. Glamorous, awesome, en vogue, perhaps a bit vague, definitely less apocalyptic (for sure!), but NOW! With all the war and all the chaos. There's fire everywhere... let's burn with it, with passion for what we're doing, just NOW. Let's make the very best of it, let's be contemporary, let's remain in the here and the now, just NOW. Check your schedule... is there an opening somewhere? Just NOW? Wouldn't it be great if we did something together? Especially NOW, we really, really should.

The dance perspectives in the contemporary multi-performance evening "gerade NOW" range from creative experiments to existential statements.


Premiere | International May FestivalKleines Haus19:30 - 20:30