JUST | 14+

Jihad Baby!

by Daniel Ratthei
Performed in German

Photo: Bettina Müller
Photo: Bettina Müller
Photo: Bettina Müller
Photo: Bettina Müller

Jona is really annoyed with the hypocritical political correctness and superficial lifestyle of his teachers and parents. His friend Musa takes him along to the mosque and he finds himself feeling completely at home with the community there. He becomes fascinated with the video posts of a Muslim preacher and at the same time falls in love with Jenny, who should now be off-limits to him. He desperately tries to bring his love fantasies and conversion plans in harmony with each other.
Winner of the 2016 Dutch-German “Kaas & Kappes” Youth Theatre Award.
As per the jury: “Jona views his circumstances with disarming comedy and through the pragmatism of his generation, giving us undistorted insight into his inner life. [...] “Jihad Baby!” takes a spirited stance to the issues of our time. It is an equally poignant and comical plea to take young people seriously and to watch over them carefully as they grow up. It is characterised by a real empathetic knowledge of the current youthful zeitgeist, and offers its young audiences top entertainment, despite its clever and subtle educational content.”        


Director & Designer Sophie Pompe
Dramaturgy Luisa Schumacher