Drama, JUST | 15+

Der Sandmann

Based on the short story by E. T. A. Hoffmann
Performed in German, in a version by Jacqueline Reddington
We, 08.12.2021
Youth DramaWartburg19:30
An eerie encounter with the barometer seller Coppola reminds student Nathanael of his childhood terror of the legendary Sandman. He was said to steal the eyes of children who would not go to bed and feed them to his own children who lived in the moon. Neither his fiancée Clara nor her brother Lothar can free Nathanael from his delusion - and so the boundaries between reality and imagination gradually blur for him until a catastrophe can no longer be averted.

The enigmatic tale of the student Nathanael is one of the most famous horror stories of the Romantic period, as fascinating then as it is today.


Director Jacqueline Reddington
Design Leonie Wolf
Design Assistance Ji Hyung Nam
Sound Florian Wulff
Dramaturgy Marie Johannsen
Learning & Participation Laura zur Nieden


Premiere | Youth DramaWartburg19:30
Youth DramaWartburg19:30
Youth DramaWartburg10:00
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Youth DramaWartburg19:30