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Ein Fisch wird nur so groß wie sein Aquarium

A Fish Only Grows as Big as its Aqaurium
A new work developed by Hannah Biedermann
Performed in German

Sa, 13.05.2023
Premiere | Youth May Festival | Youth DramaWartburg19:30
Photo: Pixabay / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
How do we become who we are? Can we be and do anything we set our minds to? Who or what determines how we develop? Where do the limits of our personal possibilities lie?

If a fish is kept in an aquarium too small, over time it will suffer distress and simply stop growing. Can this image be transferred to humans? We, too, grow up in different self-contained systems (aquariums) which shape our development significantly. Our families, schools, neighbourhoods - all these "aquariums" habe an influence on our development and, ultimately, our lives. What effect do the boundaries set by these systems have on us? Do we adapt or simply stop growing? How equal are the opportunities offered to us in this world?

Director Hannah Biedermann explores these burning questions in her research project "Ein Fisch wird nur so groß wie sein Aquarium" through series of interviews with young people in Wiesbaden.


Director Hannah Biedermann
Design Mascha Mihoa Bischoff


Premiere | Youth May Festival | Youth DramaWartburg19:30

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