Kalldewey, Farce

By Botho Strauß
Fr, 15.07.2022
Kleines Haus19:30
Botho Strauß' works are characterised by their comical collection of broken and disoriented characters: people who revel in their own quasi-artistic rhetoric and eccentricities, yet have long since lost a clear grip on reality. They cling manically to the familiarity of their conversational bubbles, but fail miserably in all respects – especially at their relationships. »Kalldewey, Farce« was an immensely successful play in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1980s, but even 40 years after the work's premiere, Strauß's witty dialogue and surreal scenes remain as poignant as ever.

For the first time since his successful production of »'Tis Pity She's a Whore«, Bernd Mottl returns to direct another play for the Wiesbaden stage.


Director Bernd Mottl
Stage Design / Costume Design Friedrich Eggert
Music Jan Preißler
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens