Felix Strüven

Photo: Kerstin Schomburg
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Schnabel in »Michael Kramer«
Second Man in »Kalldewey, Farce«
Aleksej Petrovich Fedotik in »Drei Schwestern«
Helmholtz Watson in »Schöne neue Welt«
Rosentreter in »Corpus Delicti«


Kleines Haus19:30 - 21:20
Youth DramaWartburg19:30 - 20:40
Sold out / leftover tickets at the box office
Youth DramaWartburg10:00 - 11:10
Groups Performance — Tickets are available via the Groups Office.
Kleines Haus19:30
Tonight's performance of "Drei Schwestern" will be replaced by "Mord auf Schoss Haversham". Tickets remain valid for the changed performance, or may be presented at the Box Office for exchange.
RevivalKleines Haus18:00 - 21:30
Kleines Haus19:30 - 21:20
RevivalWartburg19:30 - 21:10
Kleines Haus19:30 - 21:20
Final performance!Kleines Haus19:30 - 21:10
Kleines Haus19:30 - 23:00