Christian Klischat | DE

Karl Heinz –
Ich mache morgens das Fenster auf

An audio piece
By K.- H.-Bölling

Christian Klitschat
Photo: Robert Schittko

A madman – if one can put it that way – suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder: every morning, he has to diligently open the window. But why does he feel this urge, and what does this obsession have to do with his dead mother? What would happen if he left the window untouched, just for once? Actor Christian Klischat provides the answers in the adaptation "Ich mache morgens das Fenster auf" (I open the window in the morning) of the radio play of the same name by Karl-Heinz Bölling, directed by Strasbourg director and radio playwright Ulrich Lampen.


Direction & Text Ulrich Lampen