JUST | 14+


Combat Girls
Based on the film by David Wnendt, adapted for the stage by Tina Müller
Performed in German

Photo: Unsplash

Young, female and right-wing radical: Marisa is completely caught up in her hatred of foreigners, politics, the police and everyone else she blames for Germany going down the drain. But her view of the world begins to falter when she ruthlessly runs two young fugitives off their bicycles with her car.


Director & Stage Designer Dirk Schirdewahn
Costume Design Steffi Sucker
Dramaturgy Evi Rohde
Music Moritz Fischer
Marisa Lucia Gauss
Clemens Dominik Steduto
Rasul Miguel Hernandez
Markus Nick Henderson
Melanie Angelina Wiedemann
Sandro Lawrence Schäfer
Benny Philipp Braun
Svenja Joelle Sander
Nicu / Sandro's Mother Olivia Schäfer
Britta Jule Bänsch
Jamil Silas Gutdeutsch
Fr. Kachel Anina von Wedel
Bea Eva Göbel
Andrea Melia Eidmann