Lexi Fleurs & Lili Mart0

Lexi Fleurs is a Bulgarian artist who lives between Switzerland and Bulgaria. She is a student at HEAD Genève, where she spends most of her time, unless she is on the road looking for trouble. Her works are inspired by the absurdity of Balkan pop culture, the relations between the "former East" and the "former West", queerness and homophobia and other trendy questions. Her practice owes as much to cultural and institutional criticism as to camp-y comedy. She is a painter, a photographer, a filmmaker, a performer, a writer; or in other words, a wannabe capitalist goddess.
Lili Mart0 lives and works between Bulgaria and Geneva. She studied in HEAD where she did her Bachelor's degree. She is currently doing a residency at PICTO while organising exhibitions at TOPIC in Geneva.

Lili mainly works with text incorporated in installative performances. She is obsessed with extraterrestrial language, bitches (particularly long haired ones), sex, relationships, daily life poetry, disorders, bodies and dance which are recurring patterns in her practice. Wannabe curator, looking for clowns who always end up getting slapped on the wrist.


Concept & Creation in »Love Unlimited«