JUST | 8+

Ich, Midas!
Oder: Wie werde ich klug?

I, Midas! Or: How to Get Smart
World premiere by Katrin Lange
Performed in German
Sa, 14.03.2020
Premiere | Youth DramaStudio16:00
King Midas of Phrygia: the well-known, slightly dim-witted figure from Greek mythology. First, he cuts off a pair of dog ears, and then, he decides he wants the ability to turn everything he touches into gold. A wonderful gift perhaps, but yet, we all know that one cannot eat gold! What would happen if Midas wasn't a foolish adult, but rather a child, who stumbles into life, hungry for knowledge and keen to learn? Katrin Lange's special version for children is especially written for the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden.



Premiere | Youth DramaStudio16:00