Hessian State Theatre of Wiesbaden | DE

Alles klar, Mozart?

A musical introduction to Wiesbaden's Mozart Cycle.

Mozart's last seven "Great Operas" inhabit a class of their own. Their creation spans a period of ten years, starting with "Idomeneo" in 1781 and culminating with "Die Zaubeflöte" and "La clemenza di Tito" in 1791. These works have formed an indispensable part of the standard operatic repertoire since their first performances.

Since 2015, the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden has been working on bringing a vast "Mozart Cycle" – consisting of all seven operas – to the stage. The cycle is now finally complete, and in 2021/22, audiences can finally experience all seven operas within a single season. In addition, the International May Festival will feature all seven operas in the order of their composition, with a select cast of singers.

On Sunday 15 May 2022, the creative team consisting of director Uwe Eric Laufenberg, conductor Konrad Junghänel and dramaturg Daniel C. Schindler will give an introduction into the musical and creative processes behind the Cycle.


Featuring Uwe Eric Laufenberg (Regisseur und Intendant), Konrad Junghänel (Dirigent)
Presenter Daniel C. Schindler