Photo: Ingo Solms
Photo: Ingo Solms

In "My Body is Your Body" the choreographer and specialist for contemporary circus, Tim Behren, confronts the audience with their own perspective. He places the audience in rows of a bi-frontal arena directly in “opposing benches”, just like in the British parliament. What’s the subject of debate? The body, including the “Ich” that is within it. The plea is made by an unequal performance trio which resides in the displayed space in between. Cologne’s dancer Mijin Kim as well as Leonardo García and Leon Börgens, an acrobat duo that lives in Brussels, break with conventional visual axes and symmetries. A mirror precisely throws back what has been thrown into it – with geometric precision. The supposedly objective suddenly becomes questionable in the face of the reflected perspective of our vis-à-vis. Others see other things. On the border between dance, performance and contemporary circus, subtle in-between spaces are created in which a number of seen realities shift.


Concept & Staging Tim Behren
Performance & Creation Leon Börgens, Leonardo García, Mijin Kim
Composition & Music Dramaturgy Simon Bauer
Lighting Design, Stage & Visual Dramaturgy Charlotte Ducousso
Dramaturgical Consultation Eric Eggert, Mirjam Hildbrand
Outside Eye & Training Patricia Carolin Mai, Susanne Schneider
Costume Consultant Monika Odenthal