J. Peter Schwalm | Arve Henriksen | Frankfurt | Germany


Closing Concert

Arve Henriksen
Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad
J. Peter Schwalm
Photo: Anja Jahn

Hardly anyone combines electronic music and live concert experience in such an organic way as J. Peter Schwalm and his musical compatriot, the Norwegian jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen.

Born in Frankfurt, J. Peter Schwalm gained international recognition through his collaborations with Brian Eno, the inventor of ambient music. Schwalm, who confidently bridges the gap between jazz and electronics, has written music for choreographer Hofesh Shechter and Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn. His unconventional projects include arrangements of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as the project "Kraftwerk Uncovered", with the London Icebreaker Ensemble.

He was hailed as the "creative spirit of electro-acoustic" by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for his new album "Neuzeit", a time of change. Created during the crisis, it looks beyond the pandemic, musing about the possibility of new beginnings. "Neuzeit" makes its live debut at the International May Festival, marking one of the very rare concert appearances by J. Peter Schwalm and Arve Henriksen.


Drums, Percussion Eric Schaefer
Trumpets, Synth Arve Henriksen
Live Electronics J. Peter Schwalm