Mira Benser

Photo: De-Da Productions
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Masha in »Drei Schwestern«
Johanna Kinkel, Mrs. Blainey in »Die Küste Utopias: Bergung«
Natalie Herzen in »Die Küste Utopias: Schiffbruch«
Jennifer Dubedat in »Doktors Dilemma«
Miss Chamberlain, Natalie Beyer in »Die Küste Utopias: Aufbruch«
Brigitte in »Der zerbrochne Krug«
Eliza Doolittle in »My Fair Lady«


Musical | Final performance!Grosses Haus18.00 - 21:00
This performance has been cancelled due to illness in the ensemble. Instead, a performance of "Cabaret" will take place.
Tickets remain valid for the new performance. Alternatively, tickets may be exchanged of returned by 13:00 on Sunday 10 July 2022.
Kleines Haus19:30 - 23:00