JUST | 8+


Halb und halb macht doppelt glücklich!
By Ayşe Bosse
Performed in German

Photo: Unsplash / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
Pembo's father inherits a hairdressing salon in Hamburg. Since owning his own salon has always been Mustafa's biggest dream, the family decides to leave their beautiful village in Turkey and move to Germany. But Pembo doesn't want to go. She loves the sun, the sea and her friends in her Turkish homeland. When she arrives in Germany, everything seems grey and strange to her. She has no friends and feels torn between her new and old home. To make matters worse, Papa Mustafa's business also remains a flop at first. But then, Pembo discovers how much strength and power she has within her to change the course of her future for the better!

The children's novel was awarded the "KIMI Seal for Diversity" in Children's and Youth Books in September 2021 and was nominated for the Youth Literature Prize 2021 and the "Korbinian - Paul Maar Prize for Young Talents 2020".


Director Ayşe Bosse
Co-Director Dirk Schirdewahn
Design Nina Wronka


Premiere | Youth DramaWartburg18:00