The Importance of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde
Performed in German

Sa, 04.12.2021
PremiereKleines Haus19:30
It is common knowledge that English tea parties can be rather serious affairs. In order to escape these stiff gatherings from time to time, it pays to have an excuse at hand, for example, an invalid friend named Bunbury of a brother named Earnest to take care of. The mischief really takes its course when tea party rejects Jack and Algernon fall in love with two young ladies who are completely focused on marrying a man called Earnest ...

Oscar Wilde's »trivial comedy for serious people« is a play that is both witty and absurdly funny - and anything but serious.


Director Ulrike Arnold
Stage Design Robert Schweer
Costume Design Anne Buffetrille
Dramaturgy Anika Bárdos


PremiereKleines Haus19:30
Kleines Haus19:30