The Minutes

By Tracy Letts
Performed in German, in a translation by Anna Opel
Fr, 21.01.2022
PremiereKleines Haus19:30
A town council meeting in Big Cherry, a small town somewhere in the middle of the USA, gets out of hand: the controversy revolves around the potential erection of a monument to one of the town fathers who, according to legend, single-handedly saved the town from the attack of a marauding Indian horde. Yet, apparently there is an entirely different historical truth to uncover. Is this why the minutes of the last meeting have mysteriously disappeared? This new play by Tracy Letts, whose Broadway hit »A Family« was made into a film with Meryl Streep, questions societal myths and what they tell us about our dealings with each other. Daniela Kerck directs the German-language premiere of »The Minutes« in Wiesbaden.


Director / Stage Design Daniela Kerck
Costume Design Hannah König
Dramaturgy Anika Bárdos


PremiereKleines Haus19:30