"Roots" continues where "Rough Lines" left off in the 2016/17 season. Once again, two Israeli choreographers are given the stage, and this time the spotlight is shone on a new generation of dance-makers, namely Martin Harriague and Eyal Dadon, both of whose dance careers crossed paths at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Northern Israel. In addition to his own dance performances, Eyal Dadon has been running the SOL Dance Company in his hometown of Be'er Sheva since 2016. His work has attracted international attention in recent years, most notably at choreography competitions in Israel, Germany and Bulgaria. Martin Harriague, who has been a member of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company since 2013, has been active mainly in France, Spain and the Netherlands. He has won awards at competitions in Hanover, Stuttgart and Copenhagen. In "Roots", the two choreographers now create and develop completely new works with the ensemble of the Hessian State Ballet.