Salón Tango

Sextett Nacha Daraio
Fr, 02.12.2022
Guest Production | TangoFoyer Grosses Haus22:00
Gabriel Sala
Photo: Privat

The Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden is the first European opera house to have actively cultivated the tango as a "cultural phenomenon" and "social event" since 1984. The current season will once again see outstanding Argentinean and German tango artists performing alongside Gabriel Sala in the magnificent Baroque foyer.

At the "Salón Tango", lovers of Argentinean dance can listen to tango music, step onto the dancefloor themselves or simply enjoy the South American atmosphere while watching the dancing couples.


Featuring Sextett Nacha Daraioa


Guest Production | TangoFoyer Grosses Haus22:00