JUST | 6+

Schnecke durch die Hecke

The Snail who Crossed the Hedge
By Jens Raschke
Performed in German
Sa, 04.03.2023
Premiere | Youth DramaStudio16:00
Photo: Basil Smith, Pixabay / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
In the wake of a devastating natural disaster, the snails have found a safe spot on earth where they have managed to survive for many generations now: a magnificent meadow, enclosed by a tall hedge which protects them from their predators.

One day, a new snail sees the light of day in the meadow: brimming with anticipation, snail number 6-7-2-3-3-8-3-2-2-1-2-4-9-9-5-6 plunges headlong into the world, but soon discovers that her fellow snails are not exactly thrilled about her presence. The problem: her shell seems to curve the other way around than that of all the other snails. Labelled an outsider, the frustrated mollusc decides to take a bold step: she breaks through the hedge, making an astonishing discovery...

A play about being different and about the snail in all of us.


Director Dirk Schirdewahn
Design Nina Wronka
Composition Timo Willecke


Premiere | Youth DramaStudio16:00