JUST | 13+

setup.school(). Die Lernmaschine

A theatrical game by machina eX
Performed in German
Fr, 22.03.2024
Premiere | Youth DramaClassroom10:00
Photo: Unsplash / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
Developed by IT specialist Noah Garn, Teach3000 is the world's first teaching robot. The device, which looks like a human teacher, is still in the test phase and adapts to the individual needs of the class. But in order to configure the robot correctly, its basic needs and requirements must first be formulated and negotiated together. In this playful format, the pupils decide what the school robot should be able to do and discuss its "basic settings". What does a fair evaluation actually look like? How casual or strict should a teacher be? Utilising the school metaphor as a tool, a social game about self-determination, participation and co-determination ensues.


Concept & Game Design machina eX
Director & Software Developer Anton Kraus
Text Clara Ehrenwerth
Interaction Design & Software Development Robin Hädicke
Stage & Costume Design Luise Ehrenwerth
Software Development Thomas Drechsler, Benedikt Kaffai
Production Management Sina Kießling


Premiere | Youth DramaClassroom10:00