Nitish Jain - Studio MoreThanThat

This project is created by Studio MoreThanThat - an artistic research practice that focuses on the intersection of architecture, immersive theatre and storytelling. Taking a phenomenological approach in their work, the studio focuses on creating environments that are centred around the sensory spectrum (touch, smell, taste, sound and sight) of the spectator. Their projects playfully delve into perception and memory of space, as well as critically question the dominance of visual stimuli in our surrounding environments, often obscuring or de-emphasizing ‘the need to see’ in a performance. The studio has been involved in various multi-sensory performances in Czech Republic (since 2017), experiential and exhibition design projects in India, Czech Republic and UAE (since 2015) and inter-disciplinary artistic research across Europe.

The artists in this performance are Nitish Jain (India), Ivana Atanasova (Macedonia) and Lara Hereu (Catalonia) and they are currently based in Prague. They met during their master studies at DAMU and discovered a shared interest in creating devised and poly-lingual performances that invite audiences into unique atmospheres, tactility and storytelling. Ivana and Lara are performers and professional actresses and they studied Authorial Acting while Nitish (founder, Studio MoreThanThat) is an architect and scenographer by background.


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