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»Wie wollen wir leben – Utopien im 21. Jahrhundert«

Photo: Sven-Helge Czichy
How do we wish to live? – Utopias in the 21st century
This is the question addressed by six scholarship holders of the City of Wiesbaden as part of the International May Festival's 125th anniversary. Following a submission process, the scholarships, valued at 8, 000 Euros each, were awarded by a jury of five at the end of January 2021. The projects will be be developed between February and April 2021 and showcased as part of the International May Festival.
Projects & Dates as part of the May Festival
  • Meeting with Monsters
    Anton Rudakov, Insa Griesing, Alekszandr Szivkov & Andreas Bach
    7 May 2021 | 19:30 | Wartburg

    Sigrid Skoetz, Max Pulst, Marie Zbikowska, Dirk Fellinghauer, Hans Kranich & Emil Hanauer
    11 May 2021 | 19:30 | Kleines Haus
Other Projects & Dates
  • Simple space
    Sabine Akiko Ahrendt, Jonas Gierten, Dorothea Kaiser, Ferdinand Liedtke,
    Lukas Mock, Ulrich Philipp & Jan-Filip Ťupa
    13 - 16 May 2021 | Venue TBC
    Free entry

  • 2050 – Geschichten von Morgen
    DIDIMOS Ensemble: Axel Schweppe, Mario Krichbaum, Erica v. Moeller, Nicole Klein, Sven Holly Nullmeyer & Sönke Lars Neuwöhner
    26 May 2021 | Künstlerverein Walkmühle
    Donations upon entry


IMF SpecialWartburg19:30
IMF SpecialKleines Haus19:30
IMF SpecialWiesbadener Stadtwald
IMF SpecialWiesbadener Stadtwald
IMF SpecialWiesbadener Stadtwald
IMF SpecialWiesbadener Stadtwald
Stell dir vor es ist Schule und alle wollen hin.
IMF SpecialSchloss Freudenberg19:30
IMF SpecialKünstlerverein Walkmühle
IMF SpecialNerobergmulde