Meeting with Monsters

Anton Rudakov, Insa Griesing, Alekszandr Szivkov & Andreas Bach
Mo, 25.10.2021
City Projects | IMF SpecialWartburg19:30 - 20:20
Photo: Alekszandr Szivkov
Photo: Alekszandr Szivkov

A dance production employing movement, sound design and visual art, in which the audience is invited to meet their monsters – to come close and personal with the strange, the deviant and the frightening.
How do we wish to live? – Utopias in the 21st century
This is the question addressed by six scholarship holders of the City of Wiesbaden as part of the International May Festival's 125th anniversary. Following a submission process, the scholarships, valued at 8, 000 Euros each, were awarded by a jury of five at the end of January 2021. The projects will be be developed between February and April 2021 and showcased as part of the International May Festival.


Concept & Performance Anton Rudakov, Insa Griesing, Alekszandr Szivkov, Andreas Bach
Sound Frédéric Ecker, Sinan Öser, Najel Graf


Analogie Richard III. und Donald Trump
City Projects | IMF SpecialKleines Haus19:30 - 20:50