Chris Pichler & the Chamber Music Society of the Hessian State Orchestra of Wiesbaden | Germany


Novella (1903) by Thomas Mann
With music by Richard Wagner, Jules Massenet, Josef Strauß, Frédéric Chopin, Jean Sibelius, Arnold Schönberg etc.

Thomas Mann, 1900
Chris Pichler
Erika le Roux
Photo: Peter Brechtel

The plot of Thomas Mann's novella "Tristan" concerns three individuals: Anton Klöterjahn, a prosperous, unimaginative businessman from northern Germany; his very ill wife, Gabriele, and Detlev Spinell, an eccentric writer. Deposited by Anton at the Alpine sanatorium "Einfried", Gabriele becomes the object of Detlev’s devotion. Claiming that Anton’s attention to business is crushing Gabriele’s artistic spirit, Detlev encourages her to rekindle her long-suppressed talents as a pianist. Gabriele performs selections from Wagner's opera "Tristan und Isolde", leaving them both in rapture. As a result of her reawakened emotions, Gabriele has a relapse.


Concept & Reading Chris Pichler
Piano Erika le Roux
Flute Thomas Richter
Clarinet Dörte Sehrer
Violin Uta Lorenz, Judith Oberndorfer
Viola Nina Torborg-Hunck
Cello Tobias Galler
Double Bass Nicolà von Goetze
Kammermusikvereinigung des Hessischen Staatsorchesters Wiesbaden


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