Camerata Nuova | Wiesbaden | Germany

Vom Ende der Unschuld

Stephan Peiffer (*1985)
Opera in five scenes
Based on motifs from the life and thoughts of the German resistance fighter and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945)
Libretto: Theresita Colloredo and David Gravenhorst
First performance of the 2nd version
Performed in German

Resistance, a topic of timeless relevance and socio-political significance: "Vom Ende der Unschuld" (The End of Innocence) tells the story of desperate people who fear for their lives. When a supposed saviour appears and promises salvation, everyone follows him enthusiastically. But when he begins to use force to realise his plans, doubts begin to surface. First performed in Hamburg in 2013, the opera's first version has now been adapted for performance at Wiesbaden's Schlachthof. Composer Stephan Peiffer incorporates musical styles from different eras, from old psalms and Gregorian-style chorales to Classical and late-Romantic sounds, children's songs and marching music. The libretto quotes texts by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and extracts from the Bible. Michiel Dijkema won the 20015 European Opera Director Award and is the director of the current Wiesbaden production of "Der fliegende Holländer". For this production, he places the orchestra on stage, at the centre of the action. By means of a gangplank, the audience is divided around the stage, providing different perspectives of the production.


Production Manager Jens Daryousch Ravari
Conductor Martin Niklas Spahr
Director, Stage & Costume Designer Michiel Dijkema
Heike Korn, Hans Kielblock, Danilo Tepsa
Judith Christ, Britta Stallmeister, Beau Gibson, Stefan Stoll, Albert Zetzsche, Sirin Kilic, Shawn Mlynek, David Krahl, Seniorenkantorei Ringkirche Wiesbaden, Ensemble Reflektor