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Jugend ohne Gott

Youth Without God
Musical by Paul Graham Brown based on the novel by Ödön von Horváth
Performed in German
Fr, 04.03.2022
Premiere | Youth State MusicalWartburg19:30
This last book by Ödön von Horváth, one of the 20th-century’s great but forgotten writers, is a dark fable about guilt, fate, and individual conscience. An unnamed narrator in an unnamed country is a schoolteacher with “a safe job with a pension at the end of it.” But, when he reprimands a student for a racist comment, he is accused of “sabotage of the Fatherland,” and his students revolt. A murder follows, and the teacher must face his role in it, even if it costs him everything. Set in the Nazi Germany during the 1930, "Youth without God" is a disturbingly impressive picture of a thoughtless, ideologically deluded youth at the beginning of the Nazi regime

Paul Graham Brown writes and adapts his own version of this novel for the Youth State Musical company.


Director & Choreographer Iris Limbarth
Musical Director Frank Bangert
Stage Designer Britta Lammers
Costume Designer Heike Korn


Premiere | Youth State MusicalWartburg19:30