Wassa Schelesnova

By Maxim Gorki
Performed in German

The great Russian poet and social revolutionary Alexei Peschkow called himself Maxim Gorki, the "bitter one". In his 1910 drama "Wassa Schelesnowa", he sketches a correspondingly bitter picture of family: while his father lays dying in a back room, Wassa continues to run the family business with a heavy hand. Meanwhile, the children are lurking in the shadows for their share of the inheritance. The play slowly unfurls the age-old conflicts between young and old: is it the older generation that is unable to relinquish their power, or are the children not yet ready to assume the responsibility? Following his acclaimed production "Der eingebildete Kranke", Evgeny Titov returns to stage his second work in Wiesbaden.


PremiereKleines Haus19:30
Further performance dates will be announced with our monthly schedule on 20 January 2020.