Rébecca Chaillon


Performed in French, with German subtitles.

Photo: Luca Ferreira

"Whitewashing" is a term for the practice of portraying BIPOC characters (real or fictional) by white actors. Here Rébecca Chaillon appropriates this term to address the issue of skin lightening. Together with Aurore Déon, they explore the ambiguous relationship of a Black woman in white society between being assigned as a caretaker and taking care of herself.

Please note: this production contains depictions of nudity and / or sexual acts.


Text & Direction Rébecca Chaillon
Stage Suzanne Péchenart
German Translation & Surtitles Lisa Wegener
Production & Tour Management L’Oeil Ecoute – Mara Teboul & Elise Bernard
Producer Compagnie dans le ventre
Performers Rébecca Chaillon, Aurore Déon


Supported by the Institut français.