Hessian State Orchestra Wiesbaden | Germany


6th Symphony Concert
Jörg Widmann "Con brio"
Jörg Widmann Violin Concerto No. 2
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Symphony No. 1 in C minor.

Jörg Widmann
Photo: Marco Borggreve
Carolin Widmann
Photo: Lennard Ruehle
Jörg Widmann
Photo: Marco Borggreve

As part of the 2020 International May Festival, the 6th Symphony Concert focuses on the work of contemporary composer Jörg Widmann, foreshadowing a large-scale new production of his monumental opera "Babyolon" in May 2021.

As a composer, clarinettist and conductor, the clarinet holds a natural firm place in Jörg Widmann's extraordinary body of work. In this symphony concert, Widmann will conduct his own works, performing alongside his sister, Carolin Widmann, to whom he dedicated his 2nd violin concerto.


Conductor Jörg Widmann