JUST | 15+


White Boxx Vol. 3
Based on the stage play by Georg Büchner
Performed in German

Based on a true story, iconic playwright Georg Büchner tells the haunting tale of a poor soldier, Franz Woyzeck, slogging through life in a provincial German town. Desperate to support his girlfriend Marie and their child, Woyzeck earns extra money working menial jobs, including being used as a guinea pig and taking part in a medical experiment requiring him to eat only dried peas. As his mental health deteriorates, he begins to experience apocalyptic visions. Humiliated by “The Captain”, “The Doctor” and others, Woyzeck begins to feel at odds with the social order. When Marie sleeps with a handsome drum major, his frustration and resentment deepen, leading to a heinous crime.

A new instalment in our successful "White Boxx" series.


Director Marlene Anna Schäfer
Stage Designer Matthias Schaller
Costume Designer / Video Marina Stefan
Dramaturgy Katja Leclerc
Woyzeck Lukas Schrenk
Marie / Doctor Lena Hilsdorf
Drum Major / Andres Paul Simon
Captain, Neighbour Matze Vogel