Hygiene & Safety Measures

Ensuring a safe theatre environment in times of Corona
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Last update: 11.06.2021

We look forward to welcoming you to the theatre! In order to make your visit as safe as possible, we need to strictly adhere to the Health & Safety protocols set out by the relevant authorities. As such, all performance take place under controlled circumstances, in order to further contribute to the containment of the corona virus.
  • Identification requirement
    Currently, events in enclosed spaces may only be attended by tested, vaccinated or recovered persons. The Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden is obligated to check the status of all visitors upon admission. Please remember to bring appropriate documentation (e.g. your vaccination card, proof of recent testing [not older than 24 hours], proof of "recovered" status, etc.). Kindy allow a little more time than usual for admission.

  • Collection of data when purchasing tickets
    In order to enable the tracing of suspected cases, we are obliged to keep a list of all attendees of our events. For this reason, you will be required to provide your name, address and telephone number when purchasing tickets. For group bookings, the personal details of all members of the group must be kept available and provided on request. We will keep lists of participants in accordance with Article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulations, and delete them after 1 month. Articles 13, 15, 18 and 20 of the General Data Protection Regulations do not apply.

  • Please arrive in good health
    If you are showing signs of a potential COVID-19 infection (fever, runny nose, cough etc.), or if you experience symptoms which could indicate acute respiratory disease, we respectfully request that you remain at home and do not attend our performances.

  • Medical face covering
    By order of the State of Hessen, it is compulsory to wear a medical face covering inside the theatre building. This may be removed during the performance.

  • General hygiene rules
    We're all well-versed in the general rules of hygiene by now, and we ask you to observe these same procedures when visiting the theatre. Please cough or sneeze into your elbow and maintain the required minimum distance to those around you. And of course: don't forget to wash your hands! Signs and announcements on site will remind you of these basic rules.

  • Cloakroom
    We are unfortunately unable to offer a cloakroom service. However, we provide a space for the hanging of coats and jackets, should you not wish to take these with you into the auditorium. Please note that we cannot assume liability for lost items.

  • Ventilation
    The ventilation and air conditioning systems within the building are regularly inspected by TÜV (the Technical Control Board) and comply with required operational standards. The air exchange rate within the Großes Haus and Kleines Haus is around 6 - 7 times per hour, meaning that the air conditioning systems replace the entire air volume of these venues with fresh air up to 7 times per hour.
Take your seat
We are still operating at reduced seating capacity. As always, the ushers will be happy to show you the way to your seat.

Please note: the seating capacity may be reduced by the Public Health Authority at any time, should this become necessary in order to react to rising infection rates.

  • Großes Haus298 seats are available in the Main Theatre, distributed evenly across the stalls and circle seating areas.

  • Kleines Haus77 seats are available in the Small Theatre.

  • Wartburg52 seats, distributed evenly across the stalls and circle seating

  • Studio31 seats

  • Foyer 66 seats, distributed evenly across the stalls and two balconies

  • Fixed seating
    You may choose you seat as part of the booking process. The surrounding seats will be blocked off automatically in order to maintain minimum distances. Don't worry, the ushers will be happy to guide you to your seat before the performance.

  • Admission
    The entrance and exit system ensures that the required distance between visitors can be maintained. The theatre building opens 40 minutes prior to the performance (Wartburg: 30 mins prior to curtain). The auditorium is accessible as soon as the building doors open, and we ask that you take your seat as soon as possible.

  • Exiting the Kleines Haus, Studio, Foyer & Wartburg after the performance
    In order to avoid crowd formation at the end of the performance, the ushers will escort you out of the small venues row by row. Please follow the instructions of the evening staff carefully and exit the building the same way you entered.
Evening Box Office
  • Großes Haus & Kleines Haus
    The Evening Box Office opens 1 hour prior to the performance. Please note that the Box Office can only offer tickets for the particular evening's performance and no advance sales for other performances, subscription services etc. can be offered. For other matters, please refer to the daytime opening hours.

  • Wartburg
    The Evening Box Office at the Wartburg opens 1 hour prior to the performance.
Sanitary Facilities
  • One at a time, please
    All restrooms on all levels of the theatre will be open. These rooms can be pretty narrow! For this reason, only one person at a time is allowed in the sanitary facilities. Our evening staff has been instructed to ensure strict adherence to this protocol. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Wash your hands
    Soap is provided at all the wash basins, while disinfectant dispensers can be found in the entrance areas.
  • Großes Haus, Kleines Haus, Studio & Foyer
    The restaurant is not currently operating in the Foyer, but rather in the Colonnades at the front of the building. Advance bookings are not possible. The foyer remains closed for the time being. We also request adherence to the basic hygiene rules in the catering area.

  • Wartburg
    No catering is offered at the Wartburg. All performances take place without interval.
Rest assured
  • All key areas on our premises are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.
  • We are committed to the continuous implementation of all medical recommendations set out by the authorities. We update our protocols regularly in order to ensure an up-to-date response to all the requirements.
  • Our employees are kept informed via all the available communications channels.