by Sam Shepard
Work for Voices and Percussion

Photo: Markus Raetz

"Stimmen" (original English version: "Tongues") is a 1978 play by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin. Consisting of a series of monologues set to percussion and meant for one actor. Shepard and Chaikin had previously agreed to do a piece surrounding the concept of the voice, and nearing completion of the piece, decided it required some kind of musical accompaniment. It was first performed at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, by the playwrights themselves: Chaikin provided the voice of the speaker and Shepard as the director and instrumentalist.

After performing the piece a few years ago with a Theremin player, Uwe Kraus once again embarks on an exploratory journey into the capabilities of voice, rhythm and poetic language. He is joined by young percussionist Edzard Locher from the Hessian State Orchestra.