Extra Chorus

Photo: Sven-Helge Czichy
The Extra Chorus was founded in 1914, when court music director Franz Mannstaedt needed to augment the in-house chorus in order to meet the large choral demands of "Parsifal". After World War II, extra choruses became a permanent establishment at almost all opera houses.

Currently led by chorus master Albert Horne, the Extra Chorus of the State Theatre of Wiesbaden today consists of approximately 50 enthusiastic ladies and gents who come from a vocal background. Since its inception, the Extra Chorus has been involved in countless operas and concerts.

Extra Chorus Managing Committee
Beate Jobst, Wolfgang Schorn
Contact: beatejobst@gmx.de and wolfgang@schorn-online.de

Singers who are interested in joining the Extra Chorus should please send their CV to chorus manager Ulrike Dautzenberg. Please remember to include your voice type.
Contact: ulrike.dautzenberg@web.de