Philipp Hochmair & Die Elektrohand Gottes | AT

Jedermann Reloaded

Th, 02.05.2024
International May FestivalGrosses Haus19:30 - 21:00
* After the performance: »Meet & Greet« with the artists in the Foyer *
Philipp Hochmair
Photo: Stephan Brückler
Philipp Hochmair
Photo: Heike Blenk
Philipp Hochmair
Photo: Stephan Brückler

Philipp Hochmair is Jedermann. In a passionate tour de force, he slips into all the roles and turns Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s play into a multi-voiced monologue. His Jedermann is a rock star. Driven by guitar riffs and the experimental sounds of the band Die Elektrohand Gottes, Philipp Hochmair transforms the 100-year-old mystery play into an apocalyptic spoken concert. “The Story of the Rich Man’s Life and Death” becomes a haunting overall experience and makes Jedermann recognizable as a contemporary who burns up in his insatiable greed for money and intoxication. The theme is timeless: “What is left of my life when I die?"

Philipp Hochmair caused a sensation when he jumped in last-minute for Tobias Moretti at the 2018 Salzburg Festival production of "Jedermann". Hochmair began his Jedermann "experiment" in 2013 and has been developing the performance as a work in progress ever since. Following a 5 year tour, he recently released the studio album "Jedermann Reloaded".



Guitars / Sampler Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
Synthesiser, Electronics, Sound machine, Theremin Jörg Schittkowski
Drums & Trash Bastien Eiffler
Electronics, Drum Machine Rajko Gohlke
Sound & Lighting Design Hanns Clasen
Featuring Philipp Hochmair