Nicht Wiedersehen!

Günther Groissböck & Malcolm Martineau
Song recital with works by Gustav Mahler, Hugo Wolf & Modest Mussorgski
Mo, 20.05.2024
International May Festival | Song RecitalKleines Haus19:30 - 21:30
Malcolm Martineau, Günther Groissböck
Photo: Dominik Stixenberger
Günther Groissböck
Photo: Dominik Stixenberger
Malcolm Martineau
Photo: KK Dundas

There are singers who like to profess the lightness of love during a song recital; there are singers who seek refuse in fantasy, dreams or quiet melancholy. And then there is Günther Groissböck! In his song recital "Nicht Wiedersehen!", the Austrian bass fearlessly explores the dark side. Existential angst, the macabre cheerfulness of a fallen soldier, the pain of a premature farewell - these are states of mind that inspired late Romantic grand masters such as Gustav Mahler, Hugo Wolf, Modest Mussorgsky and the late Hans Rott to write deeply moving songs and ballads, brought to life by Groissböck's dark timbre.