IMF Dance
Matthew Tusa | AU


Dance Performance
By Matthew Tusa
Sa, 25.05.2024
IMF City ProjectsWartburg19:30 - 20:30
Photo: R. Fischenich

It's reassuring to belong. To feel safe in a group. A group where one feels a connection, support, care and trust.

Come and join us! In a world full of fickleness, injustice and doubt, it is often difficult to find your voice and be heard. Join our movement and find more than just safety and connection. We are disciplined, act at the right moment and are strong together. Together with you, we will achieve great things and change the world - with your voice!

In his new dance piece, Matthew Tusa takes a critical look at the phenomenon of populism and how it is increasingly gaining a foothold in the centre of society. A piece about strength, power and influence - an ancient, performative dance.


Choreography & Concept Matthew Tusa
Dancers Franca Bürkel, Ioulia Kokkokiou, Paige Perry, Anton Rudakov, Maleen Weber