1st Symphony Concert

Franz Schubert Symphony No. 1 in D major, D. 82
Gerhard E. Winkler "Zwielicht 2022" (world premiere)
Robert Schumann Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 97 "Rhenish"

Photo: Sven-Helge Czichy
Franz Schubert composed his first symphony in Vienna at the age of only 16. Robert Schumann was inspired to write his 3rd Symphony after a trip to the Rhineland with his wife Clara. And indeed, the Rhenish spirit can be felt in the music – some even claim to hear the waves of the river and the Cologne Cathedral in the score. The commission Gerhard E. Winkler received from the Hessian State Theatre of Wiesbaden was to compose a new work which creates a link between the two symphonies. But, during the composition process, Russia launched its attack on the Ukraine. "I simply have to take a stand on what is happening", the composer wrote in an email during the composition process. The result is a new work that interweaves numerous quotations from music history and ultimately sheds new light on Schubert and Schumann's works.