7th Symphony Concert

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 2 in C minor
"Resurrection Symphony"

Yoel Gamzou
Photo: Christian Debus
Beate Ritter
Photo: Shirley Suarez
Ketevan Kemoklidze
Photo: Giorgi Tsaava

An archaic torso once elicited the exclamation "You must change your life" from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. It is probably rare that such an "aesthetic imperative" emanates from a work of art. However, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 2, which is usually given the nickname "Resurrection Symphony", definitely has this life-changing potential. The story of the New York businessman Gilbert Kaplan, who was so impressed by a performance of the symphony that he devoted his entire life to the work, is famous: he acquired the original manuscript, published a facsimile and learned to conduct so that he could conduct concerts of his favourite piece himself. In fact, no one who has passed through the Funeral Rites of the first movement, the "primordial light" of the fourth and the powerful resurrection sounds of the finale is likely to remain completely unchanged - Mahler penetrates too deeply into people's souls.

Gustav Mahler has also changed the life of conductor Yoel Gamzou: In 2006, at the age of 19, he founded his own orchestra, the International Mahler Orchestra, with which he premiered his own highly acclaimed reconstruction of Mahler's 10th Symphony in 2010. Since then, Gamzou has honoured the saying "Tradition is sloppiness" attributed to Mahler by repeatedly providing fresh and emotionally stirring interpretations of core works from the opera and concert repertoire, far removed from established conventions (in Wiesbaden, for example, in works as diverse as "Carmen", "The Merry Widow", "Turandot" and Brahms' 2nd Symphony). For concert fans, Gamzou's conducting of the "Resurrection Symphony" is not to be missed. But beware: it will change your life!


Participating Choirs

Chor der Stadt Wiesbaden (Leitung: Jud Perry)
Chor der Marktkirche Wiesbaden (Leitung: Thomas J. Frank)
Sänger des Wiesbadener Knabenchores (Leitung: Roman Twardy)