Concert, JUST | 5+
2nd Chamber Concert for Children


Based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
For narrator and chamber ensemble, with music by Franz Schubert and others

The title character is a mysterious gnomelike man who spins straw into gold for the benefit of a beautiful miller’s daughter, in exchange for her future firstborn child. The little man reappears to demand his payment when the young woman, now the queen, bears her first child. After she begs him to release her from her thoughtless vow, he allows her three days in which to discover his name. If she cannot, he will take the child. All seems lost until someone overhears his premature celebration of his good fortune and gives the queen the information she needs to keep her child.


Narrator Elke Opitz
Musiker:innen des Hessischen Staatsorchesters Wiesbaden