JUST | 14+


By Sergej Gößner
Performed in German
A production by Follow the Rabbit in co-production with the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Next Liberty & the Apollo Theater Siegen
Sa, 04.05.2024
Premiere | Youth DramaWartburg19:30
Photo: Pixabay / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
"Shoot'n'Shout" examines the moment in which we are faced with the decision to defend ourselves physically or verbally against an attack – or simply let it be. It is about situations which we are drawn into involuntarily, where we are faced with the moral dilemma of not wanting to exercise violence, yet having to do so in order to protect ourselves or others from harm – situations where there is no time to wait for the police to arrive or to think about what might be the "correct" way to react. It is about those highly emotional moments between fear and anger, feelings of helplessness, and the violation of dignity. It is about deciding whether to preserve that dignity, or our own physical integrity. It is about going completely rigid in the moment, the racing feeling in one's head; the unequal distribution of physical power, about quickly weighing one's own strength against that of the attacker. It is about situations in which we become someone we do not want to be: a violent person.


Director Martin Brachvogel
Prodution Manager / Assistant Director Natalie Pinter
Stage & Costume Design / Projections Lisa Horvath
Assistant Stage & Costume Designer Nora Peierl
Dramaturgy Nadja Brachvogel
With Chen Emilie Yan, Johanna Martin, Jonas Werling, Nuri Yildiz


Premiere | Youth DramaWartburg19:30