Wildes Holz | DE

25 Jahre auf dem Holzweg

Th, 09.05.2024
International May FestivalFoyer Grosses Haus11:00 - 12:40
Photo: Sandy Klein
Trailer: »Highway to Hell«
Photo: Sandy Klein

They are back! To celebrate their anniversary, the secret stars of the International May Festival present a top-class programme that looks back at their creative highlights of their career, from their beginnings as street musicians to their first CDs and current hits. The musicians talk about their experiences on and off stage, about bizarre encounters, funny incidents and moving moments. With humour, charm and enthusiasm, they take the audience on a special journey through their the world of music. And that journey is far from over, as evidenced by the never-ending "Encore!" calls at their last performance at IMF 2023.

So don't miss out - and get in the mood for the next 25 years of Wildes Holz!


Recorder Tobias Reisige
Guitar Johannes Behr
Double Bass & Mandoline Markus Conrads