Lena Kunz | DE

Archeology of Body Histories

Participation project
By Lena Kunz
Presented in German.
Th, 23.05.2024
IMF City ProjectsWartburg19:30 - 22:00
Archeology of Body Histories
Photo: Mary Szydlowska

We are surrounded by body images, constantly looking at ourselves and other bodies in the mirror, in our mobile phone cameras and on social media. We are constantly confronted with images of bodies. What does it mean to have a body that is read as female in a patriarchal, capitalist society? Who or what influences it?

"Archeology of Body Histories" tells body stories from different female and queer perspectives: voice, sound, text, movement and image interweave to create a participatory performance format on the threshold of performance, workshop and spatial installation, in which you are invited to actively participate in different ways.


Artistic Direction, Sound Lena Kunz
Design Mareike Buchmann, Antonia Schön
Performance Lena Kunz, Mareike Buchmann, Antonia Schön