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Holzweg re|al|ienation

Walking Concert | Installation | Performance
By Wolfgang Schliemann
Su, 12.05.2024
IMF City Projects | Entry on, Walkmühle Wiesbaden18:00
Holzweg re|al|ienation
Photo: Wolfgang Schliemann
Holzweg re|al|ienation
Photo: Wolfgang Schliemann

"", whose members are active as composers/performers in the fields of improvised/new music and sound art/installation, is an ensemble specialising in multidisciplinary performance in special locations. The title "Holzweg re|al|ienation" alludes to human interaction with nature as the basis of life, while suggesting possible alternatives. The sounds of traditional instruments (wind, plucked, stringed, keyboard, percussion) and voice meet the sounds of natural materials, such as those found in the woods around Wiesbaden, and enter into a relationship with each other until they merge.

Cast Jan-Filip Tupa, Leon Senger, Wolfgang Schliemann, Silvia Sauer, Ulrich Phillip, Uwe Oberg, Andreas Nordheim, Dirk Marwedel, Jörg Fischer, Ingo Deul


Matthew Tusa | AU
IMF City ProjectsWartburg19:30 - 20:30
Eva-Maria Damasko | DE
Hearded Spaces – Hearted Spaces
IMF City Projects | Free EntrySchlachthof Wiesbaden14:00 - 17:00